Bangkok, January 2024 – In a bold move that marries innovation with introspection, TAK Products & Services, alongside WG, debuts “The Openscape” exhibition at Bangkok Design Week, held at Loft Space, The Corner House Bangkok, from 27 January until 4 February 2024. This exhibition, a collaborative masterpiece designed by Salt & Pepper Studio and illuminated by FOS Lighting Design, invites visitors on a journey of self-discovery and expression through the versatile and vibrant world of premium laminates.

“The Openscape” unfolds in two captivating segments: the immersive installation “Openscape Exhibition” and the interactive “Which Tak are You?” activity. The former offers a series of doorways, each leading to a unique narrative that mirrors the visitor’s personal identity and preferences in a spectrum of colors and textures. By contrast, the latter engages participants in crafting bespoke brooches, using laminate materials that reflect their individual personalities, showcasing the versatility and beauty of laminates in personal expression.

Managing Director of TAK Products & Services, Wichien Assawaworarit, expressed his enthusiasm: “This year’s exhibition has surpassed our expectations remarkably. In our quest for excellence, we handpicked the most contemporary and superior laminates, each reflecting the pinnacle of design and innovation. The response has been phenomenal – a testament to the allure of our products, echoed in the overwhelming interest and high praise we’ve received from our esteemed business partners. It’s a true reflection of our commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and quality.”

Designer Pipidh Khowsuwan of Salt & Pepper Studio shared insights into the creative process: “At the heart of our design process was a deep exploration into the myriad potentials of a single laminate. Our goal was to unveil the profound impact these materials have on everyone who encounters them. Through an array of patterns and a kaleidoscope of colors, we aimed to articulate a visual language that speaks not just to the eye, but to the soul. This exhibition is a celebration of how laminates can be more than just materials; they are canvases for expression, imbued with the power to inspire and transform.”

“The Openscape” leverages the finest laminates from TAK and WG, known for their harmony with nature and stunning aesthetics, to construct an environment where design meets the essence of self. Salt & Pepper Studio, with their innovative approach, alongside FOS Lighting Design’s expertise, crafts a space where every corner, every piece of laminate, tells a story.

Engaging and visually stunning, “The Openscape” transformed Loft Space, The Corner House Bangkok, into a canvas of exploration and creativity. The exhibition was not only highlighting the exceptional range of TAK and WG’s laminates but also celebrates the united of Bangkok Design Week with a flourish, offering a unique platform for architects, interior designers, and design aficionados to meet, reconnect, and draw inspiration.

TAK Products & Services, a pioneering force in Asia’s surface lamination industry, and WG, with its keen eye for innovative design solutions, invite you to “The Openscape.” This exhibition is not just a display of design and material innovation; it’s an invitation to explore, interact, and rediscover one’s identity through the artful use of laminates.

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