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About us

Elevating Design Surfaces in Thailand
with Lamitak

TAK Thailand proudly stands as the premier importer of Lamitak, a globally renowned surface laminate brand. As the first branch established outside of TAK’s Singapore headquarters, our journey began in 2007. Over the course of 15 years, we’ve experienced consistent growth, in line with our vision of becoming the foremost provider of exceptional design surface materials tailored to diverse customer needs.

Our unwavering focus revolves around crafting innovative laminates. These laminates aren’t just visually appealing; they embody durability, user-friendliness, and a strong commitment to environmental consciousness. Through these efforts, we actively contribute to the global recognition of Thai designers and their creative accomplishments. At TAK Thailand, we’re dedicated to raising the bar in the world of design surfaces.

Our vision

To be Asia’s leading interiors brand, bringing choice and inspirational design to the rest of the world.

Our mission

To draw on our decades of experience to deliver inspirational solutions and set new benchmarks for quality, design, innovation, and service. Our promise to our customers is to educate, excite and inspire them to make the most of their spaces.


Integrity – We embody honesty, openness, and honour in all actions, always doing what’s right.

Teamwork – We collaborate with our customers to achieve the best results, fostering a sense of unity.

Passion – We are committed to creating exceptional products, inspiring customers, and growing our community.

Creativity – We constantly innovate in design, products, and services, pushing boundaries.

Reliability – We deliver on our promises, earning trust and maintaining a solid reputation.


2007: Established as a distributor of Lamitak laminates, pioneering the introduction of Drimat, Thailand’s first laminate brand, featuring authentic wood-like patterns. We also set up our sales office and warehouse in Nakhon Pathom Province, laying the foundation for our future growth.

2010: Introduced the innovative “Work Play Dine Rest” concept, providing comprehensive solutions for various lifestyle needs. Additionally, we unveiled Catalogue Edging, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of front doors and countertops.

2012: Underwent a strategic rebranding initiative, modernising our product offerings and company logo. This year also marked the separation of our sales office from the warehouse, with the main office and warehouse relocating to Nakhon Pathom Province and the sales office moving to the prestigious Supalai Grand Tower on Rama III Road.

2014: Launched “The Craft of Style” collection, inspired by elements such as stone, concrete, rust, and weathered wood, showcasing our commitment to innovative and trendsetting designs.

2017: Witnessed significant growth, leading to the relocation of our main office and warehouse to Thaiyawat, Nakhon Pathom Province. We expanded our sales office at Supalai Grand Tower and inaugurated our flagship showroom, Space Studio, at K Village Shopping Center. This year also saw the introduction of laminates with realistic soft stone finishes and continuous pattern designs, further solidifying our position as a leader in the industry.

2021: Introduced the Protak collection featuring the Drimatt surface, resistant to fingerprints, and the Savile collection with Herringbone Patterns, inspired by London’s prestigious tailoring district, showcasing our dedication to innovation and customer-centric design.

2022: Launched the New Woodgrain Collection, inspired by traditional Japanese architectural woodwork, further expanding our diverse product range. Additionally, we established the TAK Workshop, a comprehensive customer service centre dedicated to ensuring the utmost satisfaction of our valued customers.

Inspiring Sustainable Space
for a Better Planet


Lamitak is leading the way in eco-friendly interiors. Our decorative laminates are not just stylish, but they’re also Green Label certified by the Singapore EnvironmentCouncil. This means you’re choosing low toxic emissions for a healthier living space.

We’re proud to meet the Greenguard Indoor Air Quality standards, ensuring cleaner air in your home or office. Our products are rigorously tested for over 10,000chemicals, with strict controls on harmful VOCs. It’s all about breathing easier and living better.

Plus, our commitment to the environment is global. Our Singapore Green Label certification, recognized in 28 countries, reflects our dedication to low-emission, low-toxicity products. And, these choices contribute to the BCA Green Mark credits – a win for your health and the planet!

Safety is key, and that’s why Lamitak is also TÜV SÜD Certified, guaranteeing low toxicity emissions in case of fire. And with a Class ‘0’ Fire Rating, our laminates aredesigned to limit fire spread and heat release, adding an extra layer of safety to your space.

The Green Certification is part of the environmental sustainability initiative TAK is advocating as a progressive and responsible organization. With these, ourcustomers are empowered to make a difference to the environment.

Choose Lamitak for a greener, safer, and healthier environment. It’s the smart choice for a sustainable future!