Bangkok, July 2020 – Asia’s leading importer and distributor of design decorative surfaces, Lamitak by TAK Products and Services, takes the surface lamination industry by the storm when it decided to take part in one of Thailand’s most anticipated exhibition, Andy Warhol: Pop Art on August 12-November 24, 2020 at RCB Galleria, 2nd floor, at River City Bangkok. Lamitak by TAK exhibits unseen, laminate-inspired pop arts as part of a tribute to the all-time favorite artist Andy Warhol, where the colours are bold, funky, and apologetic fun.

For the first time in Thailand, 128 of the original artworks by legendary pop art icon Andy Warhol has made its way to River City Bangkok. These original collections were created in the 60’s and will show his original works in four categories: portraits, magazines, celebrities, and silk printing. Unlike any other Andy Warhol exhibits, Lamitak’s walk-through exhibition captures the essence of Warhol through laminate sheets and a sinfully creative journey designed to inspire.

Embracing distinctive styles, Lamitak by TAK exhibition portrays a new dimension of arts through a unique, custom-printed dri-matt laminates. The exhibition walls are designed and screened with high-quality ink on Dri-matt laminate sheets, guaranteed for long lasting durability. Throughout the exhibition, visitors can touch, feel, and become immersed within the 7.5 metres of seamless, screen printed, surface-laminate arts. Six signatures highlighted by Lamitak are;

  • Cow – A new dimension of curiosity contributed to Cow, a creation on aqua dri-matt laminate with a feel of smooth powdery surface.
  • Andy’s Face – As if you’re looking at the real Andy Warhol, this classic selfie masterpiece was selected to print on high quality ink and a white laminate to highlight on the colours and sharp contrast.
  • Marilyn Diptycs – Be flirtatious with a Marilyn Monroe-inspired art, whom Andy Warhol has chosen as his first celebrity, to portray using silk screen technique. This colourful piece is created on an Amaryllis bright pink laminate.
  • Banana – Named after one of the most popular 60’s band, The Electric Banana, an inspiration was born from Lamitak Popcorn Yellow laminate.
  • Flower- One of Andy’s most popular art, Flower is an emotional art that displays both happiness and sadness. Screened on simplistic Designer White Laminate, Flower unveils a smooth and seamless color.
  • Silver Pillow- A luxurious ‘wow’ signature created a high-quality gloss surface finish.

Lamitak by TAK has made this exhibition its mission to highlight on the screened décor laminates. Over 400 laminate design patterns and top 15 finishes were selected, to ensure an even greater heights of realism.

“Lamitak is a well-known top surface laminate brand, having pioneered this market sector for over 19 years. As the region’s driving force in the lifestyle surfaces industry, we have outstanding knowledge in the interior design and construction industry. We understand the limitless capabilities and beauty that can be created by just the surface of our walls. Many people are not aware that laminates can be screen printed, therefore we partner in creative and artistic spaces such as Andy Warhol: Pop Art exhibition, to continue educating the public through our art inspirations. Our brand is an inspiration for creators, designers, enthusiastic homeowners, and aspired individuals,” said Mr. Wichien Asawaworarit, Managing Director of TAK Products & Services Co., Ltd.

“With quality high pressure laminates such as Lamitak, you can achieve décor concepts you would never think possible. From a rich array of natural materials such as marble, stone, metal, fabric, and wood to solid colour patterns, you’re at the centre of game changing designs that’ll turn your functional space into an area you’ll love. A leader in the industry for its durability and realism, Lamitak is renowned for its water-resistant, anti-bacterial, fire safety, and eco-friendly materials. Lamitak laminates are not for just stylish a home, they can make an office, a restaurant, or even a food court looks great,” said Mrs. Geraldine Tan, Director of Business Development of TAK Singapore.

Be curious and take a creative leap with Lamitak at Andy Warhol: Pop Art Exhibition, is officially open to public on August 12- November 24, 2020.

About TAK

TAK Products and Services Co., Ltd is Thailand’s leader in the design surfaces materials. In 2017, Lamitak Studio was created to serve TAK customers with a more comfortable and inspiring environment for selecting laminates.

With over 30+ years of experience, TAK is a driving force in the region’s lifestyle surfaces industry. TAK is headquartered in Singapore, with regional offices spreading across Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and China, a strong testament of its competent export capabilities and all-encompassing industry know-how and experience. TAK is an awardee of Singapore Quality Class (December 2018 to 2021) by Enterprise Singapore for attaining a commendable level of performance in the journey to achieve world-class standards of excellence.

Uncompromising when it comes to delivering inspirational solutions and setting new benchmarks for quality, design, innovation, and service, TAK owns an extensive range of interior products and service brands that inspire people to express themselves and make the most of their spaces. TAK’s obsessive attention to details in lifestyle surfaces curates high pressure laminates for that perfectly designed result you desire.

The award-winning Lamitak by TAK is renowned for its anti-bacterial, low emission eco-friendly, and fire safety. With these values in mind, TAK continues a journey with customers that is empowered to a safer and healthier environment.