10 dining area designs you’ll want for your own home!

It is said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, a space where the family bonds over food and conversation – the same then can be said for dining areas. With the popularity of open-plan layouts, we now rarely have compartmentalised dining spaces. Rather, eating areas have been incorporated into the footprint of the kitchen by choice (not just in small homes) through customised structures that perform multiple functions, or simply by placing dining room furniture within the kitchen space. Laminates play an important part in bridging the aesthetics of both spaces for visually-unified design themes, thanks to their wide range of designs, affordability, and easy installation and maintenance. Take a look at the examples below and take your pick!

Kitchens don’t always have to be light and bright spaces. They can go the route of moody sophistication as well, as shown here. The combination of dark wood-look Dunkel Zermatt Esche (WYA 5286MT) laminate on the walls, the deep green of Moss (SCX 1178D) on the cabinets, and a glossy black marble countertop creates an alluring look. Here, cooking can be done in front of a ‘live audience’ as diners sit at the table fitted with an induction hob.

The light industrial tone of this kitchen-and-dining space is tempered with the wood-look Crème Akemi Ash (WY 4231X) laminate on the wall paneling next to the dining table and the textured beige-hued Georgian Slate (DXN 5322X) of the kitchen cabinets. A wooden dining table and the addition of plants further soften the predominantly-grey space. This Loft Apartment is featured in the Lamitak Homes interior design application at Lamitak Studio, where you can play with the selection of laminates in the space.

Design and photo: Third Ave Studio

An abundance of various wood surfaces in the Beiro Oak Granada (WYA 5265E) laminate of the ceiling-hung partition, the timber flooring and back wall, conjure a warm and toasty kitchen-and-dining area. Using white for the island countertop, cabinets and shelving brings contrast and relief to the earthy colour palette.

Design and photo: PINS Studio

The monochromes in this kitchen make for a stylish urban space, thanks to its high ceilings and abundant daylight. The overhead kitchen cabinets are clad in light-grey Clay (SCA 1138D) laminates, while the terrazzo-like patterned stone, and black surfaces physically and visually bridge the adjacent cooking and eating areas.

Design and photo: Space Factor

The classic, winning combination of wood tones and white never fails to produce an inviting space, as with this kitchen and dining area. Warm lighting also plays a part in mellowing the walnut tones of the Corrado Noce Roma (WY 5243D) laminate-clad cabinets. The L-shaped island countertop is great for maximising kitchen space while encouraging interaction.

(Photo reproduced with permission, Home & Decor © 2016, SPH Magazines Pte Ltd)

Colours can reinforce a decor theme, just like the Cello (SCX 1162D) laminate in burnt orange, which when used with bright sunny yellow, create a cheerful retro look. The light-hued wood-look Levi Oak Giethoorn (WYA 1276E) on the wall brings the dining area into modern times.

Design and photo: Artistroom

Here’s how to do industrial style that doesn’t end up looking like a prison cell. Complementing the cool colour tones of the concrete surfaces are the tiffany-blue tiled backsplash and the green-tinted stone-inspired Blake Ramshackle (DXN 5325X) laminate of the cabinetry. A wooden work top enhances the rustic touch, which goes surprisingly well with the sea of concrete!

(Photo reproduced with permission, Home & Decor © 2016, SPH Magazines Pte Ltd)

Tropical Singapore might not have the cold climate of Northern Europe, but you can certainly use laminates to create that impression in your dining room! The weathered timber planks of the Ava Milnerton (WYA 5275E) laminate produce the impression of an ancient barn or log cabin, with its bleached wood evoking cold wintry climates. Furnishings in natural materials such as wood and wicker add to the overall Scandinavian vibe.

Design and photo: Meter Square

Go full on farmhouse rustic with the raw wood-plank design of the Corona Maple (WYA 5262E) laminate for your breakfast counter, complete with exposed brick wall. The kitchen cabinets in this home, however, have been toned down and feature the even-toned Collins Marcello Walnut (WY 5240D) laminate. The addition of black surfaces helps balance out the plethora of patterns and textures.

Design and photo: Wee Studio

The design of this apartment makes use of just one laminate design, Belva Oak Giovanni (WYA 5274E), throughout the space, seen here in the TV console and wall panelling of the dining area. The panelling in particular, becomes a feature wall with its pattern of timber strips visually opening out the narrow space where the table sits. These details all add to the richness of texture in this area.

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