6 smart design ideas to steal from SPAC3 in Bangkok!

Interior design inspiration can come from many sources – homes, offices, even material showrooms such as SPAC3! Housing our Lamitak brand, this bright and airy space in central Bangkok presents a suite of interiors – a lounge area, kitchen, and walk-in wardrobe done up in the latest contemporary styles. These very instagrammable corners not only look great, they present a well of inspiration to draw from for your own space, ringing true to its tagline “A space for creativity to surface”. Go on, we encourage you to steal these six ideas for your dream home!

The SPAC3 showroom in Bangkok exhibits a cool industrial-chic look.

1. Use laminates in the kitchen other than on the cabinets

Featured laminatesDario Ramblas DXP 1329C (wall above the cabinet), Fia Oak Giovanni WYA 5273E (on cabinet)

Being easy to clean and available in a wide variety of designs, laminates are often used for kitchen cabinets. It’s time for them to break out of this mould and be used in other areas of the kitchen (and in the home) as well! Use laminates in place of painted surfaces in your kitchen, such as above the cabinets in this example pictured above. A patterned laminate such as the stone-inspired Dario Ramblas laminate hides dirt well, and you can clean the surface easily by wiping with a wet cloth as well.

2. Build your own retreat

Featured laminate: Carla Noce Portofino WY1265D (used for all the surfaces of the cabin)

Design a retreat for yourself within your own home. Take a leaf from this enclosure shaped like a hut within SPAC3 to house their meeting room, creating a more intimate space conducive for larger groups of people. It’s clad inside and out with the timber-inspired Carla Noce Portofino laminate with its naturalistic walnut-wood grains for a cosy feel that is also perfect for relaxation.

3. Treat your walls as canvases for design

Featured laminate: Vito Marmo Flavio DXP 1336K (on wall)

Don’t know how to fill your white walls except to hang up some art? Treat your walls as a canvas for design by cladding them with patterned laminates! As the largest surface area in a room, the wall will set the theme and tone for the space, enhanced with your furnishings. In SPAC3, the discussion area is backed with the granite-inspired Vito Marmo Flavio to create depth and echo the industrial-chic theme of the showroom. There’s one more great idea here – instead of using laminates in a full sheet, cut them up into strips for a collage that adds further character to the space.

4. Use laminates to create art

You might need the help of your interior designer and a laser cutting machine for this idea. The designers of SPAC3 pushed the decorative boundaries of laminates by cutting solid-colour laminates up into leaf shapes and stringing them up to create pretty hanging garlands for this divider. The leaves look delicate, but are actually very robust, and using different shades of red create a richer multi-textural look when viewed as a whole.

5. Have fun with customised furniture

Featured laminates: Tulio Marmo Carnico DXP1359XM (outside of island unit)

Featured laminate: Grey Rosenheim Maple WY5260D

With laminates, you can make any surface look like wood, marble, stone, metal, or fabric! So take advantage of the material’s versatility to create amazing furniture pieces. The first set of pictures depict a ‘solid marble’ island in the walk-in wardrobe area of SPAC3, giving the space a touch of luxury without the price tag or maintenance issues. Laminates were also used inside the drawers for the dividers to resemble solid wood.

For the discussion tables, the light-toned Grey Rosenheim Maple laminate was used to give the best impression of rustic, farmhouse-style tables.

6. Create upscale boutique-style shelving

Featured laminates: Tito Ercolano DXP1361K (back wall and shelves) 

There is no need for fancy and expensive imported fixtures to create this sophisticated shelving system to display your favourite books, magazines, framed pictures and photos. A simple metal bar running down the length of your shelf will do. But of course choose your laminates wisely to create that premium upscale look. The even tones of the stone-inspired Tito Ercolano laminates give both the wall and shelves a cool, minimalist vibe.

Visit SPAC3 at 2nd Floor Unit A217, K Village at 93,95 Sukhimvit 26 Klongton Klongtoey Bangkok 10110 Thailand. Opens daily from 10.00am to 8.00pm.

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