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Our Story

TAK Thailand is the leading importer of Lamitak, a renowned brand of surface laminates, and the first branch established outside of TAK’s Singapore headquarters.

Since our inception in 2007, TAK Thailand has experienced steady growth over the span of 15 years, aligning with our vision of being the foremost provider of exceptional design surface materials that cater to diverse customer needs. We focus on creating innovative laminates that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable, user-friendly, and environmentally conscious. By doing so, we contribute to the global recognition of Thai designers and their creative achievements.


– In 2007, we registered as a distributor of Lamitak laminates imported from Singapore. We established our sales office and warehouse in Nakhon Pathom Province. Additionally, we introduced Drimat, the first laminate brand in Thailand, featuring realistic wood-like patterns.

– In 2010, we launched the “Work Play Dine Rest” concept, catering to every aspect of daily life. We also introduced the Catalogue Edging, enhancing front doors and countertops.

– In 2012, we rebranded our products and company logo to reflect a more modern identity. We separated the sales office from the warehouse, relocating our main office and warehouse to Nakhon Pathom Province, while the sales office moved to Supalai Grand Tower on Rama III Road.

– In 2014, we unveiled the collection “The Craft of Style,” inspired by stone, concrete, rust, and weathered wood.

– In 2017, marked as a significant year of growth, we relocated our main office and warehouse to Thaiyawat, Nakhon Pathom Province, and expanded our sales office space at Supalai Grand Tower. We also inaugurated our first showroom, Space Studio, on the 2nd floor of K Village Shopping Center, conveniently located in the heart of the city. We introduced laminates with realistic soft stone finishes, along with continuous pattern designs.

– In 2021, Lamitak introduced the Protak collection featuring Drimatt surface, resistant to fingerprints, and the Savile collection with Herringbone Patterns, inspired by the tailoring district of London.

– In 2022, we launched the New Woodgrain Collection, drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese architectural woodwork used in homes and shops.

In addition, TAK Thailand established the TAK Workshop, a comprehensive customer service center dedicated to fulfilling our customers’ utmost satisfaction.