Turn your living room into a modern industrial den with these laminates

From the time we embraced raw concrete screed flooring in our homes, the industrial look has never waned in popularity. Some homeowners take it to extreme, taking inspiration from the unornamented concrete forms of brutalist architecture, but most take a more measured approach, combining industrial features with contemporary themes. The living room, in particular, as a space to entertain guests and relax, should enjoy the best of both worlds – the edge that industrial-influenced looks can offer, plus the appeal of a welcoming space. Explore the laminates that can help create this fine balance!

Metal-look laminates

Featured laminate: Humboldt Street ART 11013D (pictured right)

The large format Humboldt Street laminate in this living zone sets the canvas for a cool gritty streetscape. However the furniture is anything but rough. Instead, the clean forms and muted tones of the minimalist sofa and accessories create an interesting contrast which gives this space high visual appeal.

Featured laminate: Mateo L’Ametlla DXP 1366K (pictured left)

Using laminates, you can now achieve the look of cast metal plates riveted to your wall, just like in the space pictured above. This classic material treatment, commonly seen on the ships and planes in the golden age of travel, doesn’t come across as cold, thanks to the addition of a leather sofa and standing lamp in warm colour tones.

Featured laminate: Alma Patina DXN 4331M (wall panels and top left), Tito Ercolano DXP 1361K (flat wall and bottom left)

Using two laminates are sometimes better than one. Contrasting the rugged oxidised pattern of the metal-look Alma Patina laminate with the calm design of the stone-look Tito Ercolano laminate brings a warm-cool contrast with added dimension thanks to the depth of the vertical panels. The furnishings are kept simple to let the wall feature take the spotlight.

Stone-look laminates

Featured laminate: Tito Ercolano DXP 1361K (pictured right)

The stone-look Tito Ercolano laminate is a great choice for the wall of this airy lounge area, with its organic colour and light grains complementing the greenery and daylight of the space. Located in the SPAC3 showroom in Bangkok, the lounge carries the industrial-rustic vibe of the rest of the space, as evident in its furnishings.

Featured laminate: Vito Marmo Flavio DXP 1336K (pictured left)

The dark ‘stone’ walls in this seating area at SPAC3 in Bangkok resemble weathered metal plates with its patterning and colouration on show in bright daylight. Cutting the laminate into strips of different sizes adds another layer of dimension to the flat wall. Coloured and patterned cushions lighten the mood, and with the wooden table, create a more relaxed ambience.

Featured laminate: Rico Mogollon DXP 1364K (pictured left)

Taking after concrete screed surfaces but with a more distinctive pattern, the Rico Mogollon laminate on this wall is actually inspired by granite with its mineral flecks and imperfections. A dark leather sofa luxes up the industrial look with its sophisticated shine.

Featured laminate: Lalo Ramblas DXP 1331C (darker shade and top right), Urban Slate DXN 5308X (lighter shade and bottom right)

The industrial influence in this home is reflected through its living room feature wall, which consists of light and dark stone-look laminates with distinctive patterns. Together with its overall dark colour palette, a moody masculine vibe is created for the interiors.

This interior setting is available on Lamitak’s interior design application Lamitak Homes, which lets you play interior designer by virtually switching the laminate surfaces to other designs! Explore Lamitak Homes at the Lamitak Studio.

Concrete-look laminates

Featured laminate: Ando Concrete DXN 5324X (pictured left)
Design and photo: Posh Home

Concrete surfaces, with their raw natural colouration, pair very well with clean minimalist designs. The feature wall in this living room, created with Ando Concrete laminate, also opens out its width visually because of its textured design, as compared to the rigidity of a plain flat wall. The bonus is that ‘concrete’ walls created with laminates will never crack, stain or discolour!

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