Reflecting on a Successful Architect Expo 2024 – A Message from Our Managing Directors

5 May 2024-Bangkok: As the vibrant curtains of Architect Expo 2024 draw to a close, we at TAK Products & Service and WG extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who visited our booth. Your engagement and enthusiasm made this event a remarkable success and also highlighted the passion and vision that drives our industry.

At the Forefront of Design with Our Leading Brands

This year, under the innovative theme “Pieces & Puzzles,” we proudly showcased our array of leading brands – Lamitak, O2+, Dekodur Distil, Alvic, Forescolor, and Akus. Each brand stands at the forefront of design and material innovation, offering unique solutions that set industry standards. From advanced laminate surfaces and lacquer technologies to groundbreaking sound absorption panels, our products encapsulate cutting-edge design and functionality. This holistic showcase immersed our clients and visitors in the endless possibilities of interior finishes, encouraging them to see, touch, and reimagine how our products can transform any space.


Acknowledgments from Our Leadership


Wichien Asawaworarit, Co-founder and Managing Director, reflects on the event: “Participating in Architect Expo this year allowed us to demonstrate the strength and diversity of our brands. Our booth became a hub of creativity and inspiration, where visitors could directly interact with our products and see the practical applications of our innovations in real-time. It’s thrilling to lead the way in design innovations, continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with interior finishes.”

Geraldine Tan, Co-founder and Managing Director, shares her perspective: “I am pleased with Architect Expo serves as a powerful platform for us to enhance our reputation across Asia. The event is not just impressive in stature and diversity; it also generates immense interest from clients worldwide. Whether designers or homeowners, I am proud that our commitment to quality and innovation has established us as one of the leading distributors in the region. We are optimistic, and excited as we continue to serve the industry, helping turn creative dreams into reality.”

Event Highlights from Our Booth:

Theme Implementation: “Pieces & Puzzles” wasn’t just a theme, but a narrative that we shared at our booth. We encouraged visitors to engage with our products in a hands-on manner, exploring the versatility and potential of each piece.

Sensory Engagement: Visitors were invited to experience creative ideas from around the world as they mixed and matched myriad, curated laminate designs, discovered cutting-edge innovations, and explored business opportunities.

Engagement and Interaction: The high level of interaction at our booth, with visitors exploring and appreciating our showpieces and textures, was incredibly fulfilling. It was a joy to see our products come to life in the hands of curious attendees.

Valuable Feedback: The insights and feedback provided by our visitors were invaluable. They not only affirmed our direction but also fueled future innovations, ensuring that we stayed at the forefront of design and material trends.

New Connections: The relationships forged and strengthened throughout the event laid the groundwork for future collaborations and opportunities, underpinning our ongoing growth and commitment to the industry.

We thank you all for making Architect Expo 2024 an unforgettable experience and we look forward to future opportunities to innovate and inspire together.


TAK Products & Services owns a diverse range of interior products and services under the brand Lamitak, designed to empower individuals to fully express themselves and optimize their environments. We merge cutting-edge product innovation with deep design expertise, inspiring clients to create exceptional spaces. At TAK, we are passionate about providing solutions that not only meet aesthetic desires but also enhance the functionality and quality of living and working environments.

WG Co., Ltd. is a leader in the creative industry that excels in providing premium interior finishes and laminate solutions. Renowned for our exceptional craftsmanship and groundbreaking designs, we are committed to transforming spaces with an emphasis on style and functionality, serving a diverse, global clientele. At W+G, we are dedicated to building fruitful partnerships within our extensive international and local networks in the design and materials distribution sectors. Our commitment to innovation is fueled by a keen awareness of emerging trends, allowing us to deliver inventive solutions that redefine interior spaces across Thailand.


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