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Explore Lamitak’s Nature-Inspired Laminates

Are you designing your dream home? Lamitak’s latest collection, “Intervention,” is a game-changer for your interior design needs. Envisionyour kitchen cabinets, bedside tables, feature walls, and ceilings coming to life with over 55 new designs from our collection, part of anextensive range of 423 laminates.
What sets “Intervention” apart? It’s our commitment to sustainability. Crafted with recycled materials, these laminates are not only stunningbut also environmentally conscious. Proudly bearing the Singapore Green Label, they meet rigorous environmental standards and contributeto the Singapore Building Construction Authority’s Green Mark programme.
Prioritizing your health and well-being, our laminates boast GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD Gold certifications, ensuring low toxic emissionsand a healthier indoor environment.
But our eco-journey doesn’t stop there. Lamitak is stepping up its green initiatives by presenting our full-scale surfaces in recyclablecatalogues made from FSC-certified paper. Join us in embracing a sustainable future while transforming your home into a stylish, nature-inspired sanctuary.”