Switch up the Lamitak laminates in these four super stylish virtual homes you wish you could live in!

If you haven’t explored the groundbreaking interior design application Lamitak Homes at the Lamitak Studio, here’s what you’re missing!

Working with an Interactive Table with a touchscreen surface, you choose one of the four specially-designed homes in the program, and the laminates you would like to use for selected surfaces such as walls and cabinetry. Place the laminate door tile sample on the numbers on the screen, and see the projection of the home’s interiors instantly register your selection and change the surface design. Visualising how laminates will look like in a home has never been so easy.

The set-up of Lamitak Homes in the Lamitak Studio.

A program is only as good as its content, and Lamitak Homes saw plenty of excited users eager to try it out at its launch because the homes looked fabulous too. The four interior choices were specially designed and named Bachelor’s Pad, Loft Apartment, Young Family and The House, representing the perennially stylish homes all of us aspire to at various stages of our lives. They each have between three to five rooms and feature a myriad of specially selected Lamitak laminates. We introduce these inspirational interiors. 

Bachelor’s Pad

Featured laminates: Urban Slate DXN 5308X and Lalo Ramblas DXP 1331C (feature wall on the left), and Truffle SCX 1165D (kitchen cabinets)

This monochromatic nest for one has a sophisticated vibe created with a simple collage of two textured stone-inspired laminates cut into strips for a feature wall in the living room. The dark colour palette continues with the Truffle solid-colour laminate in the open-concept kitchen, creating cohesive interiors for a professional urbanite. Someone who loves colour would be able to switch up the laminates into something brighter for the feature wall and kitchen cabinets. Experiment with solid-colour laminates and patterns to achieve a very different look!

Loft Apartment

Featured laminates:  Creme Akemi Ash WY 4231X (mezzanine level and cabinet next to the staircase) and Tadao Concrete DXN 5323X (wall along the staircase) 

The perfect size for a young couple, this loft has a sunny disposition thanks to the use of the light-coloured laminates such as the wood-inspired Creme Akemi Ash. Concrete-inspired Tadao Concrete adds an industrial touch. Play with contrasts by changing the laminate selection on the wall next to the staircase to something in a darker shade, or choose a warm honey-hued wood-inspired laminate to make this living area even cosier.

Young Family Suite

Featured laminates: Artak Miscela Cici ART 1005 XM (front feature wall) and Cavalli Viola Noce (TV console and shelving)

Most young families can relate to this familiar layout, with separate zones for living and dining. Playtime often takes place in the living room as well, and a shower of confetti in the form of the Miscela Cici laminate from the artak range on the living room wall gives it a fun vibe. The warm wood-inspired laminate of Cavalli Viola Noce in the furnishings and built-ins further enhances its welcoming family-friendly feel. If you love a clean Scandinavian look, swop the patterns for a light-coloured wood-inspired laminate on your feature wall and the woodgrain of the TV console for a solid colour laminate in a soft pastel.

The House

Featured laminates: Lunigiana Uno ART 1009XM and Due ART 1010XM (feature wall)

The House lets you imagine the application of large format laminates in interiors to create drama and scale. Lamitak’s bold bookmatched marble pattern of Lunigiana Uno and Due is best appreciated as a full sheet and this landed property is a perfect showcase of their statement-making design. Using laminates instead of natural marble for a bookmatched look is easier on the pocket and in terms of installation, too! Lamitak also has other large format metal-, marble-, and wood-inspired patterns that will look great in this space as well.

See the Lamitak laminates featured in this post at the Lamitak Studio at 114 Lavender Street, CT Hub 2 #01-61, Singapore 338729. For more information, contact the studio at 6592-5200 and studio@lamitak.com; or drop by during the opening hours below:

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