Makeover Magic – This living room became fit for family again with a design that created more space for quality time together

In this series of blogposts, we feature six real-life spaces which underwent an extreme makeover as part of Mediacorp Channel 8’s new home makeover show House Everything. TAK, the parent company of Lamitak, proudly sponsored the laminates featured in these stunning transformations.

This modern minimalist living room by Starry Homestead designer Steven Siew is the complete opposite of what it used to look like.

For the Tans, raising three children aged three, 13 and 17 has taken a toll on the family home, a 1,500sq ft five-room HDB flat. Toys and household clutter have taken over the living room and dominated space meant for family bonding and relaxation. Mounds of stuff hinder movement in this communal area, made smaller by an earlier renovation where part of the space was closed off to create another room. With much of the sunlight blocked by the new enclosure, the living area also became darker. It was time for some intervention by the experts of House Everything, the new Mediacorp Channel 8 home makeover programme.

Before the renovation (Photos courtesy of Starry Homestead)

The family’s belongings have ‘disappeared’ behind the closed doors of the wall cabinet, clad with Lamitak’s Chalk laminate, which is a warm tone of white.

A professional organiser helped the family manage their clutter, and Starry Homestead designer Steven Siew was called in to redesign the claustrophobic living space. “The family spent most of their time in the living room, and their stuff was taking up all the space on the floor,” says Steven. His first move was to consolidate most of the storage in one area, moving it against the wall where the piano once stood.

The large sliding panels of the floor-to-ceiling storage cabinet provide a clean and streamlined surface, interjected by a column of open display shelves which keep the structure from looking too plain. In addition, the grid design etched onto the Chalk (PCA 1144S) laminate of the cabinetry adds to its visual appeal.

The wall-hung showcase provides a place to display the husband’s toys; it juts out from the column behind to make the design look more visually interesting. The dark Caviar laminate anchors the space.

The selected light-coloured laminates achieved Steven’s aim of brightening the whole living space, and this positive outcome is enhanced by a new lighting scheme. The designer had spent a lot of time working on the illumination as he wanted to provide a brighter environment for the couple’s three children to read and study, and also a cosy atmosphere for the whole family. The L cove lighting that replicates daylight can be operated independently of the ceiling lights so the family can have the flexibility of creating different lighting levels in the home for different moods.

Steven also fulfilled the family’s wish of enjoying meals together by including a dining area within the living room space. He didn’t forget the piano either, which was placed by the storage cabinetry. It’s now the first thing visitors see when they enter, creating a focal point for this once visually- and physically-cluttered home.

House Everything (家简尘除) airs on Mediacorp Channel 8 every Thursday at 8pm. Watch the episode here!

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