Makeover Magic – See how the unruly mess in this bachelor’s bedroom was tamed with smart space planning and design

In this series of blogposts, we feature six real-life spaces which underwent an extreme makeover as part of Mediacorp Channel 8’s new home makeover show House Everything. TAK, the parent company of Lamitak, proudly sponsored the laminates featured in these stunning transformations.

Darren used a variety of Lamitak laminates inspired by natural materials to create a cosy space for Xavien, such as the rustic timber-inspired laminate Corona Maple for the bathroom door on the right.

No one would have guessed that Xavien Ang, a well-groomed air steward in his thirties, goes home to a flat and a bedroom completely dominated by mess and clutter. His family has moved out, leaving Xavien as the sole occupant of the five-room flat, but their belongings remain and haven’t been cleared. Similarly, Xavien’s own bedroom, the master bedroom of the flat, was in bad shape with items strewn everywhere. Unable to do much on his own due to his busy schedule, Xavien nominated his bedroom, the only space he uses in the home, for Mediacorp Channel 8’s home makeover show House Everything.

Before the renovation (Photo courtesy of Starry Homestead)

The family’s belongings have ‘disappeared’ behind the closed doors of the wall cabinet, clad with Lamitak’s Chalk laminate, which is a warm tone of white.

“I think this was one of the messiest homes in the series,” shares Starry Homestead design consultant Darren Ang, who was challenged with the task of redesigning Xavien’s bedroom. Darren had to work out a way to maximise the use of the room’s irregularly-shaped footprint, which was long and narrow and shaped like a semi-circle at one end.

A relaxing green hue was chosen for the walls, and it pairs perfectly with the grey shades of the Dario Ramblas laminate on the ledge and the Erden Feltro laminate of the shelving. The door was clad in Valda Tivoli Elm laminate to complete the cocooning effect of the space.

Fortunately the room’s generous length allowed the designer to create a series of zones to fulfil the multiple functions in this single space. “As the flat is very messy, Xavien only uses his room and not the rest of the home. His room is where he sleeps, studies, watches TV, and exercises,” explains Darren. It’s also where he stores his many books and camera equipment.

Top opening panels allow Xavien to access items in the storage spaces within the platform.

A three-metre-long platform now runs half the length of the room, demarcating Xavien’s sleep area. By raising it 30cm from the floor, Darren created spaces within for storage. Doing away with a conventional headboard or bedside tables, Darren designed open shelving at one end for display items; items such as photo frames and artwork can also be placed along the narrow ledge at the side.

Darren painted stripes on the wall below the windows to enhance and bring attention to its semi-circle shape. The Erden Feltro laminate of the desk provides softness to the grey tone.

A study desk adjoins the bed platform, separated by a low partition. Doing this leaves the rest of the space, up to the curve of the windows, open. Thanks to an exercise bar screwed to the new vinyl flooring below the desk, Xavien is able to use this space for doing sit-ups, a feature he had hoped the designer would be able to include. The customised desk with its drawers, pull-out surface and low shelves at the side, milks every inch of space from the room.

For the bachelor with an outgoing personality, Darren chose to do his room in a contemporary industrial style, using a colour palette that wasn’t predictable or typical. The dusky green, and grey tones bring a look of sophistication to the space, aided by the organic patterns from the wood- and aminates chosen. For instance, the wood-look Valda Tivoli Elm (WY 1271D) of the partition and platform, and the stone-look Dario Ramblas (DXP 1329C) of the overhead storage cabinet. Even the grey of the desk isn’t a solid colour but Lamitak’s Erden Feltro (DXO 5354D) laminate, which has a fuzzy softness inspired by the woolly textures of felt.

With this radical transformation turning an uncontrolled mess of a room into a stylish and comfortable space with clear zones and ample storage, Xavien can finally call his room, ‘home’.

House Everything (家简尘除) airs on Mediacorp Channel 8 every Thursday at 8pm. Watch the episode here!

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