Experience the instagrammable magical dreamscape created with Lamitak laminates at Bangkok Design Week 2020

Saltlick, one of three atmopsheric installations created with Lamitak laminates for the artistic and creative Dreamscape Experience at Bangkok Design Week 2020.

This was one for the gram. Lamitak’s recent showcase at Bangkok Design Week 2020, held from 1-9 February, had visitors whipping out their phones to capture artistically-lit dreamlike installations of jagged stone cliffs, forest animals and circular rainbows, created with laminates. These magical landscapes were the wonderfully evocative creations of three designers from Bangkok-based Salt and Pepper Studio, in partnership with FOS Lighting Design Studio, at Kodang 1, Warehouse 30, Charoenkrung Road, Bangkok.

The poster of the exhibition at Warehouse 30, an industrial complex of warehouses featuring cool art galleries, cafes and independent shops.

Named “Dreamscape Experience – Where there is a space for imagination in reality”, the installations echo the idea of exploration that is so key to Lamitak’s journey for inspiration. Only here, the journey is more metaphorical, comprising areas named Fear, Saltlick and The Circular Rainbow: Hope for the Better. Lamitak laminates, conventionally used to clad walls and furniture surfaces, are now adopted for atmospheric sets juxtaposed with creative lighting effects to create experiential environments.

The team behind the project. From left to right: Sataporn Nuallaong, graphic designer, Maez Bhuchareon and Thaneeya Yuktadatta, both from FOS Lighting Design Studio, Wichien Asawaworarit, managing director of TAK Products and Services (Thailand), and Anchana Thongpaitoon, creative director of Salt and Pepper Studio, and Pipidh Khowsuwan, managing director of Salt and Pepper Studio

“The idea behind ‘Dreamscape Experience’ is derived from nature and expedition, as each collection of Lamitak is also instilled with nature exploration. This source of inspiration helps us invent newfangled experience, and it is a special opportunity to have designers from various fields – architect, product designer, lighting designer, and graphic designer – to collaborate with one another and meticulously create stimulating installation arts and lighting design,” explains Pipidh Khowsuwan, the managing director of Salt and Pepper Studio.

Named after the emotion it is supposed to incite, the area Fear is ringed with overlapping laminate-clad walls in the shape of jagged shards, with only spotlights for illumination.

The dark cave-like Fear intimidates visitors with an enclosure ringed with jagged ‘stone’ walls made realistic by stone-look laminates such as Vito Marmo Flavio (DXP 1336K), Enzo Ercoland (DXP 1363K), Mateo L’Ametlla (DXP 1366K) and Reyes Mogollon (DXP 1365K), and Camden Feltro (DXO 5355D), a dark grey wool-inspired laminate. By designing unfamiliar terrain, interior designer and architect Pipidh Khowsuwan wanted to simulate the fear of not knowing what lies ahead in this journey.

Stumble upon Saltlick, a watering hole for wild animals, which makes use of silhouettes, shadows, and lighting effects to stimulate the passing of time in this magical forest.

After overcoming the fear in your mind and forging on in the exhibition, visitors are rewarded with the majestic sight of wild forest animals such as deer and foxes bathed in colour-changing lights and visuals, gathered in a place where they gain strength from the minerals found at the Saltlick. Creative director of Salt and Pepper studio Anchana Thongpaitoon wanted the animals, in particular the deer with antlers of blooming irises, to be symbols of the faith, determination and bravery needed to continue on to their journey despite the treacherous road ahead.

The media are shown around the exhibition.  In the foreground is the silhouette of a crouching puma clad with the Brass Patina laminate.

A closer look at the laminate designs used for the animal cut-outs, such as Nero Marmo Adriano for the howling wolf, and Auguste Béton for the standing wolf.

An index to the laminates used for each animal cut-out.

The silhouettes of these forest creatures have been created with laminates such as the stone-look Enzo Ercoland (DXP 1363K), Goyo Ramblas (DXO 1332C), Bianco Marmo Adriano (DXP 1372XM), and Nero Marmo Adriano (DXP 5343XM), as well as the weathered metal-look of Brass Patina (DXN 4327M) and concrete-look of Auguste Béton (DXP 1370K).

The high gloss of the Alda Florentina Marble laminate-clad walls were the key to creating the illusion of a circular rainbow.

An uplifting message awaits visitors in the third area, named The Circular Rainbow – Hope for the Better. FOS Lighting Design Studio created the rare sight of a full circular rainbow, thanks to the clever manipulation of coloured light reflected off glossy Alda Florentina Marble (DXP 4321G) laminate sheets. In the natural world, we never get to see a full rainbow because of the horizon, so this uncommon sight is meant as a lucky charm and also a message to be patient, persevere and hopeful even in the face of tough times; to wait for the rainbow after the rain.

Besides expanding on the possible use of laminates, the exhibition also explores the effect of lighting on the material. “We utilised lighting to create different ambiences in each spot, revealing different compelling colors and textures as the light hits. Lamitak has various textures, patterns, glossiness levels and colors, so we can creatively play with this beautiful variation to create marvelous atmosphere in this appealing art space,” says Thaneeya Yuktadatta from FOS Lighting Design Studio.

The Lamitak area, where visitors are able to learn more about the laminates in the exhibition, and to collect their souvenir as well.

The final stop was the Lamitak area, where visitors keen to know more about the laminates used in creating the Dreamscape Experience could explore the Lamitak catalogue and laminate swatches. A Lamitak souvenir was given to each visitor to remember their journey here, in addition to the snapshots on their phone!

Visit Dreamscape Experience – Where there is a space for imagination in reality, in this video!

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