Makeover Magic – Too many shoes and not enough storage made a huge mess in this living room. See the transformed space here!

In this series of blogposts, we feature six real-life spaces which underwent an extreme makeover as part of Mediacorp Channel 8’s new home makeover show House Everything. TAK, the parent company of Lamitak, proudly sponsored the laminates featured in these stunning transformations.

Rayson from Starry Homestead transformed this home by dictating major layout changes and softening the hard edges of its awkward shape.

Nothing much has changed about their home since the Lows moved into their four-room HDB flat in Woodlands 20plus years ago – apart from the fact that their number of belongings have since grown beyond the capacity of their storage units. Shoes especially, were a huge problem, as the Lows and their two children in their twenties have amassed a shoe collection that was spilling out from the shoe racks. Fed up with the mess, Mr Low signed his living room up for Mediacorp Channel 8’s House Everything home makeover show. “I wanted to have a space where the family can sit down together and share some family time,” he says.

From the entranceway, the wall turns sharply into the living area. Rayson built a cabinet along this wall and clad it in Lamitak’s Vanilla laminate framed in dark Brunswick to brighten the space. The curved profile of the cabinetry softens the hard edges of the wall.

Starry Homestead senior design manager Rayson Low also faced another challenge, and that was the awkward layout of the living room with its strange angles. The homeowner describes it as a ‘heart-shape’, with its two L-shaped wings, one leading out to the window and another leading to the kitchen. “The space planning was a challenge. I had to plan the space to ensure it was fully utilised,” says Rayson.

Before the renovation (Photo courtesy of Starry Homestead)

From left: A shoe cabinet has been hung from the cabinet door which opens to access the household shelter. Shelves above the TV and a display area (pictured below) set into the cabinet show off some of the family’s trinkets and mementoes.

Rayson designed a floor-to ceiling cabinet against the wall, which turns at a sharp angle into the living room space. Doing this helps maximise the space in the centre and the designer is also able to add curves to the shape of the living room. Within the cabinets, two large shelf units were customised to store shoes. The colour scheme Rayson chose for the cabinets, the largest structure here, sets the retro decor concept he had in mind for the makeover. Lamitak laminates Vanilla (SCA 1125D) brightens up the space with its creamy tones, with the dark blue-green of Brunswick (SCX 1163D) for contrast.

The new living room furniture ties in with the space’s mid-century retro vibe. Clad in laminate, this bench functions as a cosy window seat with additional storage within.

The curve of the cabinetry is echoed in the profile of the bench seating, which can also be used for storage. The entire space has also brightened up considerably with new vinyl marble-look tile flooring. “The homeowners originally had curtains, and over the years they had accumulated a lot of dust. I replaced the curtains with roller blinds which are easier to maintain,” explains Rayson. The bespoke roller blinds feature an ombre colour palette of browns, yellows and oranges to complement the retro decor theme.

From left: Light and bright now, the dining room features Lamitak’s brick-red Ferra laminate on the bathroom door (on the left) and sliding kitchen door (on the right).
The dining room before the makeover.

Once a dead space used (not surprisingly) for shoes, Rayson reinstated the dining area for the family, fulfilling the dad’s wish of having a space the family can have a meal in. Although this area is set away from the main living space, the designer ensured visual continuity by continuing the striped motif of the living room here, and also by creating a curve in the wall. A design feature in the shape of a semi-circular mirror helps create the impression of spaciousness in this corner. A third colour, the brick red of Lamitak’s Ferra (SCA 5141D) laminate, has been introduced to enliven the colour scheme. Pops of orange, in the family’s new dining chairs and sitting stool, add highlights to the cream-coloured canvas.

House Everything (家简尘除) airs on Mediacorp Channel 8 every Thursday at 8pm. Watch the episode here!

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